17 Aug 2022

How Do You Select Your Button Maker

Press Released: 10 August 2022: There are many brands available on the market for buttons-making machines. But how do you choose the right one? Here are some things to consider. The first step is to select a button size. Next, choose the dies you'd like to use for the desired size. To attach the buttons, you'll need a pin/magnet. To ensure you're using the right size, use templates to ensure that the buttons are of the right size.


Before you choose the button maker you want to use it is crucial to understand the size of the button you want to make. Badge-A-Minit hobby kits contain plastic parts, rings, pieces, and various other things which can be difficult to work with. Making buttons with nonstandard sizes can result in a 50% failure rate, so it is crucial to experiment with many types of buttons to ensure that your selection is appropriate for the purpose for which it was designed.

You should select the hand press with a edges of thin metal to ensure the perfect fit. Badge-A-Minit also comes with five colored rings and an automatic press. After you've selected the button maker, you can place the artwork and the plastic cover beneath. The tabs of the front of your button must be put in the blue ring. Next, place the tabs of the button front inside the blue ring. After that, you can adjust the front of the button with the purple ring. When you're finished, simply cut the design in the black line. Clicking here for more information about Homepage now.

Dynamo punch

The Dynamo punch button maker combines two features in one light, user-friendly machine. It draws on the power of a tabletop-mounted punch cutter as well as the versatility of an adjustable circle cutter. It is significantly less expensive than other alternatives. Simply center your image and insert it into the middle of the hole. Then press the handle to make an exact circle.

Adjustable Rotary cutter

When creating buttons, an adjustable Rotary cutter is a must. The adjustable wheel cutter makes it possible to cut different materials including fabric. This makes it perfect for cutting fabric as well as button making. If you're just doing button making for yourself, an Adjustable Rotary cutter will help you save time and money. You can alter the cutting wheels independently to create any shape you'd like.


A Tecre button machine is a machine constructed of solid metal which can use keychains, buttons and magnets. It is possible to rent the machine at a makerspace in your area or buy one directly from the manufacturer. The Tecre machines are strong and come with a life-time warranty. Tecre also has an Toronto service center that can answer any queries or questions you may have. Tecre machines are used by numerous companies, and the company is an expert in the development and production of button assembly machines and die cutting presses for craft and button industries.

The Tecre button maker includes a button-making kit that comes with a range of components to create various kinds of buttons. For instance, a white button maker for example, is capable of producing buttons between 25mm and 58mm in diameter. The drop-down menu lets users select the material you'd like to use. The machine can also be used to make pin-back buttons if you're not an expert maker. In contrast to other models, the Tecre button maker has an easy-to-use interface.

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